Should You Have Internet Connection When on a Pilgrimage?

There are different reasons why people go on a pilgrimage. There are those who want complete spiritual renewal. It is their opportunity to be cleansed and start over again. They feel like they have been freed from their sins. Others are just interested seeing the lovely pilgrimage sites. They are of historical significance and worth visiting whether you are a believer or not.

Preparing for the trip

A pilgrimage is not your usual trip. It is of spiritual nature. It is not about taking photos to brag to your friends. It is also not about updating your status to inform everyone about your experience. There are even people who decide not to bring any electronic device during the trip so they can totally focus on the experience.

Start packing your bag and include the clothes you need throughout the duration of the trip. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing. Find out what exactly is necessary for the pilgrimage so you won’t be barred from entering certain places.

You should also include spiritual items and guide so you can have a more meaningful experience during the trip. Of course, you can still bring your cameras with you to take photos. Just make sure you take a photo only in places where it is allowed.

Doing research

You should also research in advance about the place where you are staying, flights available and local transportation. There are times during the year when more people decide to go on a pilgrimage. You must avoid these occasions as they could be more difficult for you. Getting a cheap hotel might be impossible. You also have to battle it out against a huge crowd.

Look for the most strategic accommodation area so you don’t have to travel far just to begin your pilgrimage. You should also seek for advice from people who have done the pilgrimage in the past. They might have some tips that could be of help for you to lessen problems during the trip.

Emotional preparedness

Aside from being prepared for the actual travel, you should also be emotionally ready. Again, this is not your usual trip. It is not all about smiling for photos. You have to make sure that you are there because you want to renew your faith or cleanse your soul.

Before the trip, you have to lessen your activities and be totally prepared for the pilgrimage. You should stop doing things that you think are considered temptations. You must also seek for reconciliation from people whom you have issues with. This is the time for you to start with a clean slate.

There is no point in going through a pilgrimage if you are not ready to start over again. If you can’t let go of your anger, the entire experience will be miserable.

What to do upon arrival

Make sure that you have settled down before starting the journey. Leave your things in a hotel. Secure all of them before leaving. Ask for a guide if you can find one. This person will help you get through the process without any problem. If you are planning to go through the entire journey on your own, it is your choice.

The bigger question is if you need Internet connection upon arrival. Generally speaking, you need one. You just can’t be in another country without Internet connection. If something wrong happens, you must be able to inform your family member. The good thing is that most hotels now have WiFi connections. It would be a lot easier for you to stay connected.

You may also avail of the best mobile Internet service so you stay connected while you are outside. You can buy one from your home country to be sure of the rate or you can check out the local Internet services. They might be cheaper. You can easily turn the Internet off if you are on a serious part of your pilgrimage. The point is that you have access to the Internet just in case something goes wrong.

Preparing for a pilgrimage takes a lot of time and effort. Once it is done, it is a very satisfying feeling. You might even decide to embark on the same journey the next time.

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