Something Old Meets Something New

Happy couple on wedding dayIf the Archdiocese of Washington can do it, so can you. The Roman Catholic Church has now employed the use of drones for major public events, which leaves it generally open ended for world wide couples who are planning on tying the knot to consider flying one at their nuptials in order to photograph their wedding. It’s a God’s-eye view looking down on the day of your marriage, well as long as your pastor or local bishop is okay with it and you don’t take out a stained glass window.

There is nothing stopping this new trend from having more than just a person on the ground with a long lens in one hand and a camera in the other. Depending on the rate of your human shutter bug, your matrimonial ceremony drone may be a comparable videographer at about $1000, if you shop around. With a drone, your wedding video will reach new heights on social media, and be the envy of all those friends who didn’t think of it before you. Some of the best quadcopters and drones these days are capable of producing high quality professional video, check them out at

What are the Rules?

Over the pond in America what’s the word from the Federal Aviation Administration? You need permission from your Uncle Sam. Nothing over 400 feet, no drones in populated areas (how big is your wedding?) and officially, drones cannot be operated for commercial purposes. Your drone photographer gets to figure all of that out. While the FAA is still arm wrestling local law on city and state levels, those principalities are battling over whose air it is anyway, whose rights are being exercised and-or violated, depending upon the arguer, and consequently, fines for flying a drone against regulation are up in the air as well. Just remember what Grandma always said: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or two and a half pounds of drone weight.

Some couples may go for the drone, instead of having the photographer darting in and out of aisles and people, standing between you and your family and friends as the big moments happen, but most couples who are linking up to this new technology are doing both; getting the stills with the original pro and the aerial acrobatic footage from the hovering machine.

What Kind of Views can you get?

You’ll get the tops of heads and the low down views, you’ll get mass perspective and instead of Aunt Marge’s big gaudy hat in the way, you’ll catch every moment with nothing between the lens and you but air and altitude. Add a little music and you’ll have a high flying time to recount the blessed event later on, from an angle that no one saw your vows from.

Just make sure your drone operator doesn’t hit one of those suspended chandeliers hanging solemnly from the rafters of the cathedral. Trends come and go, but considering the wave of the future, because this isn’t just A Thing, it’s a Drone Thing, and it looks like it will become the norm. Something Old, Something New, Something With a Birdseye View.

To finish off, check out this cool video from a wedding in Italy: